50th Anniversary of IAPS

AIEP logoAn International Conference to Mark the 50th Anniversary of AIEP/IAPS

Patristic Studies in the Twenty-first Century: An International Conference to Mark the 50th Anniversary of AIEP/IAPS

Jerusalem, June 25-27, 2013

To mark the fiftieth anniversary of its inception, the International Association of Patristic Studies, in collaboration with the Center for the Study of Christianity in the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, convened an international conference in Jerusalem on June 25-27, 2013.  The theme of the conference was the state of patristic studies in the twenty-first century, focusing on the implications of the various settings and interests of patristic studies for the future of the field. There were 128 participants from 27 countries.

Susan Ashbrook Harvey (Brown University) delivered the opening plenary lecture on “Patristic Worlds”, and the closing plenary lecture was given by Jean-Noël Guinot (Sources Chrétiennes) on “Éditer, traduire et commenter les écrits des Pères. Constats, évolutions, perspectives. Retour sur 70 ans d'activité dédiée par ‘Sources Chrétiennes’ à l'édition des textes patristiques”.

The first day was devoted to an overview of the current state of patristic studies around the world, with presentations from colleagues from Europe (Martin Wallraff, Universität Basel), North America (Dennis Trout, University of Missouri), South America (Francisco García Bazán, CONICET, Argentina), Africa (Michel Libambu, Université catholique du Congo), Asia (Satoshi Toda, Hitotsubashi University, Tokyo), and Australia (Bronwen Neil, Australian Catholic University). In addition, two former presidents of AIEP/IAPS, Adolf Martin Ritter (Ruprecht-Karls Universität) and Angelo di Berardino (Institutum Patristicum Augustinianum), spoke on the origins and development of AIEP/IAPS.

The remainder of the conference was given to sessions on themes consisting of one or more plenary lectures and short presentations. For the themes and programme of the conference, click here. For video recordings of the lectures by Susan Ashbrook Harvey and Averil Cameron, go to the website of the Center for the Study of Christianity.


The proceedings of the conference will be published by Brepols. The deadline for submission of manuscripts is 1 December 2013. For instructions for contributors, click here: docx or pdf.

Organizing Committee

Theodore de Bruyn

President, AIEP/IAPS

Carol Harrison

Vice-President, AIEP/IAPS

Brouria Bitton-Ashkelony

Director, Center for the Study of Christianity

Department of Comparative Religion

Hebrew University of Jerusalem