Criteria For Membership

The International Association of Patristic Studies (I.A.P.S.) is not open to the general public. It is open only to scholars in patristics in the broad sense of the term, as shown by the numerous disciplines and methodological approaches reflected in the table of contents of the Bulletin. While scholars in patristics work in a variety of cultural, academic, and religious circumstances, applicants for membership should normally have published at least one article in a high-level scientific journal (with peer review).

Membership Dues

The membership dues for 2022 are 19 Euros, 18 € of which is for the membership and 1€ is a fee. If you prefer to pay in US dollars, the amount is $23.


Applicants for membership must submit an application form and a CV to the national correspondent of their country of residence, or, if there is no national correspondent or the address is unknown, to the Secretary of the Association:

Professor Marco Rizzi
Dipartimento di Scienze religiose
Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore
Largo Gemelli 1
20123  Milan

A list of recently admitted members, along with all relevant information, is published each year in the Bulletin.

Renew Your Membership

You can renew your membership online. Simply login and on your user dashboard you are able to renew your membership.