Discussion Groups

Ambrose of Milan (directed by David Voprada, voprada@ktf.cuni.cz)

Augustine the philosopher (directed by Lenka Karfikova, karfikl@volny.cz)

Clement of Alexandria (directed by Jana Platova, janaplatova@seznam.cz)

Cyril of Alexandria (directed by Eirini Artemi, eartemi@theol.uoa.gr)

Evagrius Ponticus (directed by Joel Kalvesmaki, kalvesmaki@gmail.com)

Gregory of Nyssa (directed by Matthieu Cassin, matthieu@cassin.org)

John Chrysostomus (directed by Guillaume Bady, guillaume.bady@mom.fr)

Online Patristic Resources (directed by Fernando Soler, fasoler@uc.cl)