La source sans fin : la Bible chez Jean Chrysostome

Series Title: Cahiers de Biblia Patristica
Volume: 23 / Cahiers de Biblindex 4
City: Turnhout
Publisher: Brepols
Year: 2021
ISBN Number: 978-2-503-59698-3

Nine contributions are brought together here to question the chrysostomic corpus and its exegetical terminology (Jean-Noël Guinot), Chrysostom's position on the role of woman according to Genesis and Paul (Monique Alexandre), his  contrasting use of the figure of Cain (Pierre Molinié), his condemnation of the Jewish trumpet (Guilhem Girard), his interpretation on parables and passages taken from Luke (Laurence Brottier), his apologetic use of the episode of Paul in Athens (Marie-Ève Geiger), the biblical text he quotes, which turns out to be far from being "invariably Byzantine" (Peter Montoro), his art of "weaving" the Scriptures in his homilies (Jérôme Drouet), or the questions related to his practice of writing according to one of his ancient biographers (Guillaume Bady).

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