Que savons-nous de la version arménienne de l'Adversus haereses ? Et que nous apprend-elle ?

Book Title: Irénée de Lyon, théologien de l'unité
Series Title: Théologie historique
Volume: 132
City: Paris
Publisher: Les éditions du Cerf
Year: 2022
Pages: 213-241
ISBN Number: 978-2-204-14804-7

While in Greek the direct tradition of the Adversus haereses is fragmentary (a few pieces of papyrus and some quotations), the five books are preserved in Latin and the last two in Armenian. The Latin and Armenian translations, separated by more than two centuries and read at both ends of the ancient world, Gaul and Armenia, thus offer a stereoscopic view of the lost original. This rare case proves to be of great interest: thanks to a new critical edition of the Armenian version of book V, with a French translation, having brought together the two versions makes this book V complete and allows us to know its author in a more authentic way.

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