Scholarships for Students

The International Association of Patristic Studies (I.A.P.S.) provides scholarships to students to enable them to attend and present papers at the International Conference on Patristic Studies, held in Oxford every four years. In collaboration with the organisers of the Eighteenth International Conference on Patristic Studies, the Association awarded scholarships to the following students in 2019 (* indicates recipient who was unable to accept the award):

Michalis Athanasiou (Greece)
Miguel Ángel Ramírez Batalla (Mexico)
Mattia C. Chiriatti (Spain)
Alexandros S. Chouliaras (Greece)
Maria del Fiat Miola (USA)
Pedro Emilio Rivera Díaz (Mexico)
David Dusenbury (USA)
Maurice Eskander Youssef Emad (Egypt)*
Vlad Ghiţă (Romania)
Anthony Glaise (France)
Elisa Groff (Italy)
Tiphaine Lorieux (France)
George Marinescu (Romania)
Tamara Saeteros Pérez (Colombia)
Jonatan Simons (Australia)
Don Springer (Canada)
Thomas Tatterfield (USA)
Anthony Vella (Malta)