University of Zurich, Assistent Professorship in Ancient Christianity and Digital Humanities

The Faculty of Theology at the University of Zurich invites applications for the following position to be filled as of 1 August 2025: “Professor of Ancient Christianity and Digital Humanities.” The professorship will be filled as an assistant professorship with Tenure Track. The future holder of the position will be involved in research, teaching, and services to the Theological Seminary. The re- search profile includes historical, philological, theological, and other methodological approaches to the history and culture of the first millennium, as well as the use and further development of subject-related approaches in digital humanities. Applicants must have a degree in theology and a doctorate in theology in the field of Ancient Christianity, excellent philological competence in Greek and Latin, proven knowledge of the history of the Church and theology in Antiquity and the Middle Ages, relevant aca- demic teaching experience, and the ability to teach in German after three years at the latest. Additional competence in (historical) religious studies, Byzantine studies, or the languages and cultures of the Christian Orient is desirable.

Experience in the approaches and methods of digital humanities is also required, e.g., in digital editing practices, in the conception, indexing and use of digital text corpora and databases in research and teaching as well as in digital research and teaching formats. 
The teaching load of an assistant professorship is 2-4 semester hours per week. A willingness to en- gage in interdisciplinary cooperation and the ability to communicate scientific findings to a broader pub- lic are expected. The University aims to increase the proportion of women in research and teaching and therefore expressly invites applications from qualified female academics. UZH facilitates family-friendly working conditions such as job sharing or part-time professorships. Prof. Dr. Jörg Frey ( is available to answer any questions. Applications are to be submitted by January 15th 2024 via the following link: